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Introducing our transformative #CWE Connects: Small Group Sister Circles—an avenue where women come together, united by shared interests, dreams, aspirations, and life stories. These circles stand as sanctuaries for growth, fostering connections that transcend boundaries and nurturing a collective journey as ONE cohesive unit.

Each #CWE Connect Experience is meticulously crafted to ensure that the flame of connection burns brightly. Whether you're immersing yourself in the immersive #KHMITX Experience on Sundays—be it in-person or virtually—or delving into the depths of a new Bible study, sharing laughter over lunch, embarking on a cinematic adventure, or strolling through stores hand in hand, you're weaving your life's narrative into a tapestry of shared experiences. In this space, you're not just connected; you're family—a united front that thrives and supports one another.

We encourage you to take a deliberate step towards your journey of growth and empowerment. Choose a #CWE Connect small group where you can delve into studies, embark on learning ventures, offer collective prayers, and nurture personal development. By the grace of God, you've been chosen to "grow in grace and the
knowledge of The Lord Jesus Christ" (II Peter 3:18).

The call to action is clear—Get Connected, for in unity we find strength, inspiration, and the unwavering support of a sisterhood committed to your growth and success. Embrace the power of connection, and let it fuel your journey towards a more empowered, enlightened, and enriched life. #Get Committed to the path of transformation and collective empowerment. The time is now, and you are invited to embark on this incredible voyage of growth, connection, and sisterhood.

Get Connected,


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