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Chevalier DeShay understands the profound importance of sisterhood in today's intricate tapestry of faith, family, and career. Her unwavering commitment revolves around uplifting and guiding women to reach their utmost spiritual potential. As a steadfast partner in ministry alongside her husband, Pastor Carl L. DeShay Sr., Chevalier DeShay co-founded Kingdom Harvest Ministries International in Bastrop, Texas.

Her message echoes with simplicity and power: "Rejoice in the victories of your fellow women, for the overflow of celebration knows no bounds." Embracing a steadfast belief in the absence of competition amongst women, she envisions a shared journey towards our individual Chosen destinations, woven together by mutual support and connection.


Whether she's delivering a sermon or encountered at a store aisle, Chevalier DeShay's magnetic presence instantly fosters connections and shared life experiences. Her multidimensional roles as a woman of God, wife, mother, sister, friend, and career-driven professional have equipped her with a profound understanding of the delicate balance required to navigate these realms.

Chevalier DeShay's trajectory defied statistical odds, catapulting her to heights she was told she couldn't attain. Her journey, marked by
imperfections, challenges, and insecurities, stands as a testament to her 
resilience. She persevered through life's failures, grappled with self-worth doubts, navigated the complexities of love and singleness, sought validation, and yearned for personal growth.

Today, she invites us all to transcend our past, anchoring ourselves firmly in the present—the springboard that propels us towards the divine purpose already charted for our future. Together, we embark on a transformative journey, reshaping the very fabric of our roles as women of God. We are charged with infusing empowerment into our families, relationships, friendships, and careers—a conscious choice we make to uplift and embolden one another.

A distinguished alumna of The Huston-Tillotson University, Chevalier DeShay holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management. She also "Mastered It" and holds a MBA from Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Join us in embracing this empowering voyage, as we collectively redefine the narrative of women's empowerment under the guidance of Chevalier DeShay's wisdom and experience.

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