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Community Engagement

Chosen Women Empower stands dedicated to embracing women from diverse walks of life within our community.

We believe that inclusivity is paramount, which is why all our activities are offered free of charge, ensuring that every woman can savor the richness of each moment without hesitation.  Our involvement knows no bounds—we are immersed, we are present, and we are committed.

Our community involvement takes on various forms, each aimed at uplifting lives and fostering positive change:

Quarterly Blood Drives:

We orchestrate regular blood drives, inviting both men and women to extend a compassionate hand by donating blood. Through this collective effort, we empower individuals to give others the chance for a better life during their most critical moments of need.

Chic Maternity Affair:

These pop-up baby showers are designed for women who yearn for an elegant baby shower experience, yet face financial obstacles. We celebrate and honor these women, surprising them with items from their wish lists to welcome their bundle of joy with love and dignity.

Mission Support:

Our commitment extends to providing ongoing education, financial assistance, scholarships, and housing support. By empowering women in practical ways, we contribute to their holistic well-being.

Wellness Seminars:

Through both virtual and in-person sessions, we uplift and empower women with wellness seminars. These sessions encompass a spectrum of topics, from powerful speakers to yoga, exercise, healthy eating, and more, fostering holistic growth.

Wellness Enrichment Project:

We address maternal and infant health within minority communities through this initiative. Our focus is on educating individuals and families about the significance of maternal health, spanning from doulas and midwives to physician visits and mental wellness.

GrowingN2M Mentorship Program:

Geared towards freshman young ladies, this mentorship program opens doors to their future. It illuminates the possibilities within their grasp through the right path in education, spiritual growth, and life.

Join hands with us in nurturing our mission by contributing through our designated "Give" tab. Your support fuels these remarkable initiatives, enabling us to create tangible positive impacts. Get involved, become an Angel Donor, and be a part of our journey towards empowerment, transformation, and making a difference within our community.

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